Welcome, you've reached the home page of Murray Stokely. I am currently a director at Facebook working on our compute and data storage infrastructure. Prior to Facebook, I worked on search and distributed storage at Google, and Maps at Apple. I completed an M.Sc. in Computer Science in the area of Software Model Checking at Oxford University and have spend time working on open-source software that helps me store, process, and understand large amounts of data, such as FreeBSD and R

Selected Publications

Storage and Distributed Systems
Statistical Computing
Model Checking
  • Murray Stokely, Sagar Chaki, Joel Ouaknine, Parallel Assignments in Software Model Checking, Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Software Verification and Validation(SVV), Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 157(1) 77-94(2006).
Open Source
  • The Release Engineering of FreeBSD 4.4, BSDCon Europe Conference Proceedings, 2001
  • Slackware Linux Essentials, 2nd Edition, Editor, June 2005 ISBN: 1-57176-338-4
  • The FreeBSD Handbook, 3rd Edition (Volume 2), Editor and contributing author, September 2004 ISBN: 1-57176-328-7
  • The FreeBSD Handbook, 3rd Edition (Volume 1), Co-editor and contributing author, March 2004 ISBN: 1-57176-327-9
  • The FreeBSD Handbook, 2nd Edition, Co-editor and contributing author, November 2001 ISBN: 1-57176-303-1
  • The FreeBSD Handbook, 1st Edition, Contributing Author, February 1999 ISBN: 1-57176-241-8